Check Out What Local Media Has Been Saying About PHRA

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine (The Stranger)

What's a drug used to deworm livestock—a drug that can obliterate your immune system—doing in your cocaine? Nobody knows... Click here to read more.

Shot Up: Funding Cuts Threaten Growing Needle Exchange Program (The Stranger)

On a recent evening in a University District alley, two men in sunglasses sat behind a card table loaded with red bins of alcohol swabs, hypodermic syringes, and other supplies... Click here to read more.

Sticking with the Program (Real Change)

“Never back down. Never grow old." Shilo Murphy says he used to hear those words from fellow heroin users on the streets of Seattle’s University District... Click here to read more.

U-District needle exchange to add access to anti-overdose drug (UW Daily)

Located in the U-District just west of campus is Seattle’s last independent needle exchange run by the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance (PHRA). The organization has received a $13,000 grant from Street Outreach Services to start a program to give intravenous drug users access to the drug Naloxone... Click here to read more.